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KMK Printing Packaging Machinery, KMK ZLFM-1080LCR

  • Referenz-Nr.:M6222
  • Manufacturer:KMK Printing Packaging Machinery
  • Type:KMK ZLFM-1080LCR
  • Year:2023
  • Delivery:8-Wochen nach der Be
  • Price:on request
  • Description:
  • Max. speed 100 m/min, 40-70 kWh
  • With latest laminating technology
  • Beyond film covering technology
  • 1 to 2 people to operate
  • Basic Configuration:
  • Automatic feeder: sheet-fed, Shaftless servo motor feeder, 8 suction nozzles achieve high speed and
  • high precision, to ensure that paper is continuously fed into the machine. Non-stop feeder, Standard
  • configuration with pre-stack unit. Suction device guarantees stability and smooth of paper sending.
  • Powder remove calender: heating roller with scraper effectively clean the powder and dust in the
  • surface of paper. Improve the brightness
  • Lamination main unit: Multi purpose for
  • Glue Coating and drying cylinder, lamination heating pressing cylinder: The machine equipped with
  • separate circulating temperature control
  • energy saving. environmental protection.

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